Sunday, 10 May 2015

Oriental Flower Card

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share a card I've made using one of the rather gorgeous JOFY stamps from PaperArtsy.   Not sure if this flower is oriental or not ... but I think it looks like it.

1. Cut a piece of white card 3.5"x5.5" and have another spare piece a similar size.  I started by stamping my greeting (from the imagine that... Write Big stamp set) first (as it was quite large and I wanted to make sure it would definitely fit). I used Jet Black Archival Ink as it is waterproof.  Stamp the large flower image (from the JOFY32 stamp set) on both of the pieces of card (the sized piece will be for the front of your card, and the spare piece for the cut out flowers).   Outline the piece that is going on the front of your card with double lines using a black fineliner pen.


2.   Paint the flowers on the spare piece of card using Prawn Fresco Finish paint (from the Limited Edition JOFY 3 set) and then shade the centres with London Bus Fresco Finish paint.  When dry, cut out the flowers and the large bud at the top.


3. Colour the buds and stalks on the card front piece using the same paints as in Step 2, plus Hey Pesto Fresco Finish paint.  All these paints are translucent, so they won''t obscure the lines of your stamped images. You don't need to paint the flowers and bud that you painted on the spare piece.

4. Make a card blank from black card (8"x6" - folded in half to make a 4"x6" card). Cut a mat measuring 3.75"x5.75" from gold card. Stick the gold card and card front to the card blank.   

5. Shape your flower petals around a pencil so that they curve slightly. Glue them onto your card.  Add some accents using a gold paint pen.


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