Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Happy Stampers Festival

Hi everyone,

Last weekend, imagine that... (ie. me and Mum!) had a stand at the Happy Stampers Festival.  This is a specialist stamping show that's on twice a year in Port Sunlight (near Liverpool).  It's a fabulous show that has 30+ stands, all filled with lots of lovely stuff.

We went to showcase our own exclusive range of clear stamp sets, but we were also lucky to be able to take some of PaperArtsy's smaller stamp ranges (namely Ink & The Dog, Squiggly Ink, Urban Snapshots and Cats Meow).

The drive there took a while (5 hours!) thanks to lots of roadworks, lorries and us getting lost (my mother is brilliant at lots of things ... but not map reading. lol).  We arrived just in time to grab a quick bite to eat, before the hall opened at 2pm for setting up. And that is when I discovered I'd left all our art boards at home.  Doh!  Oh well, these things happen.

The show takes place in a beautiful building - Hulme Hall.  I took the photo below on Saturday ... unfortunately it was tipping down with rain when we unloaded the car and van on Friday ... definitely not photo weather!  Or unloading weather for that matter!

One we'd finished setting up it was time to check into our rooms at the pub next door, dry ourselves off, and then meet up with Mark, Leandra and Ella for a well deserved drink and some dinner.

Here's the stand just before the doors opened at 10.30am (would have looked even better with the art boards!!)

The whole day was really busy, and it was lovely to meet so many new customers.

I grabbed a chance to have a quick walk around, and see what PaperArtsy were up too.   Here's Mark and Ella ...

And Leandra and Sue Carrington demoing.   

Before we knew it, it was 4pm and the show was closing. Time to pack up, and start the drive home. Luckily the sun was out for us for loading the car and van, and the drive back was a dream.

The next Happy Stampers Festival is on Saturday 3 October.  It is a ticket only event, so if you want to go, make sure you get your tickets early!  It's a fab day out if you love stamping.

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