Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Hanging Around

Hi everyone,

Here's a lovely little project for you ... a door hanger decorated JOFY style!   We have the wooden door hangers in our shop here ... they are only £1.25 each!

1. Paint the door hanger with Fresco Finish Stone, Taupe and French Roast.   I used a piece of Cut'n'Dry Foam to apply the paint.  The first coat will soak in, but I applied only a light second coat as I liked the fact you could see the wood grain through it.

2. Stamp the words (JOFY31) using Fresco Finish Snowflake.   Remember to not apply too much paint each time ... and make sure you clean your stamp straight after.

3. Paint an A5 size piece of Smoothy card with Candy Floss, Orchid, Spanish Mulberry and Mermaid.   I let the pink colours blend together to create a graduated effect.

4. Stamp your grasses and flowers (JOFY09, JOFY22, JOFY33) onto your door hanger using a Coffee Archival Ink Pad.   You will need to know what ribbons you are going to use later to work out where to position the stamping.  It's nice to have some of the flowers etc going off the edges/slightly over the hole.

5. Paint over your grasses/stems using Fresco Finish Hey Pesto (a translucent paint so it won't cover up the stamping).   Add highlights/shadows with Fresco Finish Green Olives and Old Gold (these are more semi-opaque, so you'll need to be more careful with them).  Paint in the dots using the Mermaid paint (again, this is an opaque paint, so be careful).  When everything is dry, use a brown pen to go back over any detail you've lost.

6. Stamp the flowers you need onto your painted cardstock.  Highlight areas with a gold paint pen.  Then cut them out and stick them onto your door hanger using 3D Foam Pads.

7. Glue your ribbons into place.

8. To finish add some dots with a White Sharpie Extra Fine Pen, and go around the door hanger with Brass Treasure Gold.


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  1. That's gorgeous Emma and just the sort of dusky colours I love!

    Lesley Xx